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Road racing is a fast and exciting way of competing, testing bike handling, speed and tactical riding.  Events under British Cycling are categorised by ability, and British Cycling membership and a racing licence. Riders will start with a 4th category licence as a beginner. To move up categories you must acquire points gained in races. For those wishing to try out road racing, a day-licence can be purchased at some events. BC road race entry form is available on this website

A number of club members compete locally and nationally.  Our nearest closed circuits are Mallory Park, Leicestershire and  Darley Moor, south of Ashbourne, but there are a number of open road and closed circuit races across the region. An alternative to British Cycling events are TLI races, which stands for The League International, and more information is available on their website

The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists provides racing for cyclists who are veterans. To be eligible to join you must be 40 years of age or more; the League is open equally to male and female bike racers. Don't worry if you think you aren't fit enough to race - in the LVRC you are always allowed (encouraged, in fact) to compete in an older age group than your calendar age indicates. The only exception to this is National Championship and Percy Stallard Series races. This is deliberately designed to help people get back into racing, and move up the groups as fitness starts to return. Joining will cost you £20 for a 12 month license; this also provides 3rd party insurance for any race providing it is ran by a recognised governing body and includes the same protection while out training or club riding. The LVRC organises all disciplines of competitive cycling, including some European meetings.

here you will find the home page, including the 2016 race calendar, up to date news, entry forms, race reports and comments.